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Today the H&S collection features 38 artists and 270 works. The establishment of the H & S Foundation in 2020 is a way to honor that memorable period in the 1990s that formed the basis for the collection. Located in a 400m2 house in Brussels, the new space gives new life to the works, where they may be seen and appreciated by a new public.

H&S Foundation will showcase the paintings to a wider audience in Brussels, from seasoned collectors to novices who may not be familiar with Vietnamese contemporary art. The permanent collection will rotate periodically in the galleries, with additional curatorial activities and future programming that will supplement and continue giving context to the collection.

*** In addition to its original collection, the H&S Foundation was recently commissioned to manage the collection and estate of Fernand Stiévenart and Juliette de Reul, two French painters from the School of Wissant. For more information, please click HERE.

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