Le Ngoc Linh

Born in 1949

Le Ngoc Linh graduated from the Ho Chi Minh City School of Fine Arts. he has participated in many exhibitions in his country, both in Hanoi and in HCMC.

In his work 'Eclipse of the Moon' which is a work of fusion between a man and a woman, the work is very audacious for Vietnam where moral and sexual "freedom" were not usual. The title The Eclipse of the Moon denotes a more common subject which is the eclipse of the Sun. It is obviously a disruption, a death of the moon star by the Sun, a dominance of Yang over Yin, an active passive action, which is found in the fusion of man and woman. The two actions are reflecting each other in a kind of mirror.

  • Eclipse de lune 1997 oil on canvas, 118 x 92 cm
  • Hommes et femmes 1997 oil on canvas, 93 x 108 cm

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