Hoang Minh Hang

Born in 1946 in Bac Giang, nearby Hanoi, North Vietnam

Hoang Minh Hang graduated from the Fine Arts Academy in 1972. In 1989, she exhibited her work in the Czechoslovak Cultural Centre of Saigon. She was featured in several exhibitions within Vietnam. In 1994, she had an exhibition in Hong Kong.

In the painting "Attente de l'homme", Hoang represents with emotion, the long and patient expectation. Perched on a cliff, the woman and the child await the return of the man. This image plunges us into the collective memory of waiting... waiting for the sailor, the warrior. In the paintig named "Harmony" the sun and the moon, the summer and the winter are in a perfect balance. The couple is on the side of the moon as complicity and harmony can more easily be found during the night.

Since the late nineties, she is more discreet and new works cannot easily be found.

  • Harmonie , oil on canvas, 112 x 132 cm , 1998

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