Tran Thi Thu Ha

born in 1952 in Hue, central Vietnam

Growing up in central Vietnam, Tran Thi Thu Ha developed her own practice rooted in the enchantment of the Perfume River, the dilapidated but grandiose charm of the region’s royal tombs and legendary grace of its young women. The artist has a vast source of inspiration and her paintings reveal an adept ease with both figuration and abstraction. Tran paints life with naivety and simplicity, accompanied by forcefulness and a keen sense of color. In addition to maintaining her work as an artist, Tran also helped her husband run one of the oldest art galleries in Saigon.

  • Amour - 1995 - 50x62cm - oil on canvas
  • Cheval - 1995 - 60x81cm - Oil on canvas
  • Church - 86x69cm - Oil on canvas
  • Untitled - 1993 - 80x70cm - Oil on canvas
  • Fleurs - 1997 - 67x87cm - Oil on canvas
  • Jeune Fille - 1995 - 81x60cm - Oil on canvas

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