Truong Dinh Hao

born in 1937, in Hanoi, north Vietnam. He passed away in 2022.

Truong Dinh Hao graduated from the Hanoi School of Fine Arts in 1970. Most of his works favored gouache on paper as a medium. He limited his compositions to their essential elements, occasionally incorporating cubist elements while employing vibrant colors and bold strokes to describe the peaceful life of the interior of Vietnam. His paintings express an intimate connection and deep love for the country as well as its customs and the daily lives of its people. Truong said he accidentally landed in painting while working for the family of the artist Pham Viet Song. By observing the artist, he found out that painting was also his passion.

  • Le buffle - 1992 - 47x58cm - gouache on paper
  • Untitled - Circa 1995 - 60x50cm - Watercolor on paper
  • La main - 1989 - 60x80cm - Oil on paper

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